Your Opinion – ‘Fairytales adapted to convince an older audience’

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This comment comes from Sophie on ‘Please don’t judge me by ‘idol standards’: The dangers of expecting perfection.’

All media creates an image of perfection or even an image of how it is normal for a certain race/gender to act. It highly stereotypes and obviously plays up to these stereotypes to promote image/fame. For example Psys recent global hit ‘Gangnam style’. Psy lives up to one of the more western stereotypes of a typical Asian man- Chubby, geeky, fun-loving and someone completely different to western ideals.

I think in Korean entertainment among ‘idols’ they use this image of perfection in both looks and behavior, to create an unrealistic image, which young girls and boys cant reject because the romantic expectations in their head have been once again lifted- it is as if figures from childhood fairy tales have been adapted to convince an older and more consumer driven audience.

Idols have all been manufactured by each of their respective companies, They have been recruited for either their looks or talent and then trained or ‘fixed’ so that they then become the best of both worlds. This gives younger fans who want to be like their idols the incentive to go out buy more make up, clothes, hair dye but also it seems it has pushed not only younger fans but also older, to question their own appearance and strive for perfection, its true, but not only perfection in themselves, perfection in their respective partners.

Koreans do now have this overly commercial look associated with their race because most people only know about Korea and Korean culture through its vastly growing entertainment, which creates an overly romantic picture of Korea and the people there.

What frightens me the most about the amount of plastic surgery in Korea is not because they are all unhappy with their appearance people are free to do what they want as long as it makes them happy, but because they seemingly strive to look more ‘western’. Double eyelid surgery is to make their eyes look bigger, however can they not see the charm in their natural appearance?

In the end, no matter what we look like, we are all born and we all die the same way.

I have also realized that obsessive amounts of fans have taken an obsessive like to Koreans in general enough for it not to be uncommon to hear people declaring they will ONLY marry a Korean… or an Asian. I think maybe some fans need to start broadening their minds and look back at other races because every race has individual attractive qualities. Its just recently, In particular, Korean attractive qualities have been layed out more obviously to see.

Sophie makes some great points. Tell us if what you think.