Soon Yul Kang Solo Exhibition – Spiritual Journey

Yesterday Beyond Hallyu went along to the opening reception of Soon Yul Kang’s solo exhibition ‘Spiritual Journey’ shown at MOKSPACE. Below is a press release of what the work is about:

“On viewing Soon Yul Kang’s woven tapestries, the observer is immediately calmed by the still, simplicity of her work. Each of us has a memory of some quiet, meditative space once experienced, but crowded out by our busy lives. Her work places us immediately in that personal space, where seeing and thought come together. There is a universal, Zen-like, character to her tapestries, evoking the pure essence of landscapes, bringing us back to our centre.

The woven form adds a subtle counterpoint, focusing our attention but not distracting. Suggesting the hues and texture of soft tree bark, it reminds us of the innocent curiosity of our childhood, touching, exploring, experiencing. Together with the imagery, we are each led to our own inner place of calm and truth, and in doing so through the same medium, affirm the commonality of our experience.

Beyond this is the artist’s skill. The play of colour and textures, the careful choreography of thread, each lost in the whole but nevertheless essential. The raw physical nature of the work reinforces the meditative theme, as if the artist’s own creative contemplation has been knotted within the tapestry. In her collage work, she expresses these themes through a different medium, which in its coarseness allows her to realise new forms.

A deeply personal note is added through inscribing the word ‘father’ on each piece of cloth as if in homage to a lost loved one, while yin and yang is expressed through the juxtaposition of contrasting two colour elements. This adds a perceptible weight to the work, reminding and connecting us with the artists own still place.”


Sasha’s opinion:

After viewing the work I can say that I agreed with the press release I received before the show. Upon walking into MOKSPACE I was overcome with an amazing sense of calm given to me by simply looking at the wonderful pieces of simple yet complex tapestries Soon Yul Kang has put together. Each has the same similar message but this is clearly put across by the use of fine details in each piece of work and the artists love for each individual one which becomes clear whilst browsing them. If you wish to view anything art associated in London in the next month I suggest you take a trip to see Spiritual Journey.


Where you can view this exhibition:

* Exhibition: 23 January – 18 February 2013
* Venue: MOKSPACE/ 33 Museum Street / London / WC1A 1LH
* Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm, Everyday

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