Korean news channel worries webtoons are causing gayness and AIDS in teenagers

This is part of a series of articles exploring LGBT issues in Korea in the run up to Pride 2016.

Conservative news channel TV Chosun recently broadcast a report on how homosexuality is increasing among teenagers in Korea. As you might expect from a right-wing Korean news outlet, it was full of stereotypes as well as some particularly distasteful AIDS scaremongering. I came across the segment a few days ago and tried to translate it but couldn’t do the ridiculously overblown style full justice. Luckily for us all, the Kimchi Queen has written a full translation. You can read the full thing over at his blog.

Before the actual package even begins the anchors are warning us of the dangers of homosexuality and making spurious links with rises in AIDS infections in Korea.

In today’s news, we are looking at how homosexuality is increasing among teenagers as well, the shocking issue that has until now been solely regarded as a problem in other countries. Across the world, the number of people infected with aids has been decreasing, but only in our country is this number increasing. Specifically, the number of patients has surpassed 10,000 and the rate for teens and individuals in their 20s are reasons behind the increasing rate. While the pathology of AIDS infection is controversial, if we look at Korea in 2016, we see that clubs are continuing to be operated for gay males across cities and on the internet it is easy to come into contact with comics that deal with homosexuality.

Yes, that’s right, parents. While you were worrying your son spending all that time on the internet reading webtoons was bad for his eyesight and his social skills, you were missing out on the real danger to your son’s health. He could catch a case of the gay! Luckily for you, our lovely, courageous reporter Park Sang-hyun has been hanging out with the “male gays” so you can recognise the signs and protect your child from this awful disease.

The report opens with some hidden camera images of a gay nightclub in Itaewon where there are some male backing dancers doing “a feminine dance” behind a local drag act, or as our strong and trustworthy reporter puts it, a “man wearing make-up and with long hair [who] went as far as dressing up like a woman”.

After this, we’re shown truly awful and shocking acts like men holding hands and linking arms with each other. At one point one man even touches another man’s hair, for goodness’ sake. I mean, how these kinds of shockingly lewd, morally bankrupt behaviours could even make it to broadcast is beyond my comprehension.

hair touch

The horror.

We then hear the plight of a poor taxi driver who sometimes drives around gay men. They try to be discreet with their affection for each other, give him tips and sometimes look kind of pretty which makes him a bit confused. It’s all very difficult for him.

If this isn’t enough of an assault on your moral fibres, our ever brave and noble Reporter Park then uncovers the truly shocking ways young people are being exposed to the Dangers of Homosexuality. At high schools in Korea, possibly right at this very moment, there are teenagers who are…

(Make sure you have your pearls ready because you’ll definitely need to clutch them.)

…hugging other teenagers of the same gender. In some cases, they even hug each other from behind. In one school there were as many as 4 or 5!

And if that shocking depravity hasn’t caused you to pass out from the horror of it all, even some of the teenage who aren’t engaging in these truly horrendous acts of affection have a frighteningly liberal and laissez-faire attitude towards the concept of same-sex attraction.

When asked about those aforementioned AIDS-causing webtoons, one boy says: “There are more than you would think, but it’s not really gross or anything. If you don’t want to read them, then don’t read them.” If that isn’t liberal brain-washing, I don’t know what is.

I bet most of them are Japanese.

I bet most of them are Japanese.

Bringing his segment to an end, our balanced and well-informed reporter Park Sang-hyun urges us not to question whether this report could be in any way, say, homophobic or be possibly weighted on one side of the argument over rights for those dastardly gays but to focus on the poor children and how homosexuality is “seeping into the minds of young people.”

While some may question the timing of this report, I, personally, am sure it has absolutely nothing at all to do with May being the month when the organisers of Seoul Pride fundraise and seek permission to hold their festival. A festival they had to fight for tooth and nail to get to even go ahead last year.


Look at those gays having their fun. Atrocious.

No. This is about the children.

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  • Natalya Arlovskaya

    i wanna see when the american influence slips in :)

  • darrel

    im not gay but i feel really offended by this article and your choice of words. why cant homophobic like you just mind your damn business and leave them alone

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ Lizzie (beyondhallyu)

      I think perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension.

      • Matt.g

        or perhaps you could reflect on how you can better phrase your thoughts and opinion in a more unbiased manner

        • http://beyondhallyu.com/ Lizzie (beyondhallyu)

          It is satire.

          • Amanda Kremer

            How much you want to bet he had to look up what that means.

  • 장 은 훈 BTS

    What i think honestly here sorry to say that but its bullshit
    If they ars gay or not black or white man or women we are all humain we live in the same planet earth we all see the same sun and moon
    Leave the gay people live there life as they want it its there life they oun it like u oun your life and they are may be the most sweet humains on earth i know some and there is nothing wrong with that i have friends that they are gay
    And i don’t like to say gay i like to say human is the right thing
    And please who ever is reading just keep reading
    This guys gere that made that news or what ever is shit
    Just tell me how many people are dead in wars how many children are alone without a home or a lovly mom
    U never talked about how many children and poor people dream to eat something good like others do and here u are puting a your dirty fingers on humains
    Did they kill ,no
    Did they threat u ,no
    They v done Nothing wrong and all u wanted is talking about them just keep us as honest people
    My parents told me ones i can’t ever judge people
    Who am i to judge them
    Am i even better then them
    And am not here to make the low of god on earth since am not god
    Gay people are free and all ways welcome eney place they go i will treat them me and people who think in a right way with a very lovly way
    Let humains live
    And talk about the real thing that u should talk about is the poor world and wars u made so that u go and what ever u want and talk about others
    Who are u even
    U nothing honestly
    I am humain we all humains
    (Am not gay and i wish i was Nice with a warm heart as them they are beautiful)
    A world of peace

    • Alex Owens

      Well said buddy! Let other people live their life on theyre on will, we exist in this world in our own special way and if anyone has problem with that then they can take their argument to the big JC! Everyone is entitled to everything life has to offer.