It’s all in your blood: Korean blood type superstitions

If you’re going to South Korea, it’s worth knowing your blood type. Why? Because according to Korean stereotypes, a person’s personality, temperament and compatibility (both romantic and platonic) with others can be determined by their blood type.

Many Koreans, although not all, believe that blood types are linked to personalities, a little like how the Western world (but not all of it) believes in a similar idea surrounding the Zodiac and horoscopes. In South Korea, you’ll be asked what blood type you are rather than what Zodiac sign you are.

The concept of blood types determining personal traits has a dark history. It was allegedly used by Nazis and Japanese Imperialists to promote ideas of supremacy over different races and countries in the 1920s and 1930s. However, some decades later, the idea was resurrected by Japanese author Masahiko Nomi in a much more positive and innocent way that holds much more in common with the ideas of the Zodiac than the ideas of racial dominance it once connoted. There is now a plethora of media that surround the idea including songs, books and films. This new, positive linking spread from Japan to Taiwan and South Korea. In today’s South Korea you’d be hard-pressed to find any native who doesn’t know their blood type.

The linking of blood types and personalities is prominent with the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O. The descriptions given are not a full and absolute list – much like the horoscope superstition, the blood type superstition can have adjectives that replace each other and sometimes contradict each other. It has also been suggested that people possessing certain blood types should stick to certain dietary choices. However there is no scientific evidence to back this up.

All of the adorable images are created by Park Dong Sun and can be found on either his blog or his official cartoon page on (both sites are in Korean). Whilst these images can at times be seen to oversimplify attributes, they are mostly loved and accepted.

Blood Type A – The Farmers

blood-type-personality-cartoon-2Those with blood type A are often called ‘Farmers’ in South Korean culture. They can be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings due to their shy, reserved and introverted sensibilities. They can also be considerate to others, patient and are often punctual. They can be highly creative and can be perfectionists, which can cause them to become too focused on the details. They have been said to like to forget reality and hide in their own worlds due to a romantic nature. However, they can be self-conscious and can be unable to express their emotions well. They are said to be stubborn, cautious and tense and can be obsessive and uptight. They are also the blood group least likely to be able to hold their liquor. It is thought that blood type As do best with vegetarian diets.


Blood Type B – The Nomads

Bloblood-type-personality-cartoon-1od type Bs are said to enjoy life and are passionate, wild and active. They can be creative and optimistic and have a ‘let’s go’ attitude. They love animals and are passionate about the people and things that they hold dear. They can have an individual and independent nature and don’t care about what others think of them. They can laugh in failure’s face and have a bright and liberal way of living – however this can cause them to have enemies. They can be impatient and can give up easily. They have often been described as shallow and lazy, self-centred and irresponsible. Men with blood type B aren’t considered good ‘husband material’ as they can be ‘bad boys’ and ‘players’. This makes them desirable to women but only for the short term. Women with blood type B do not share this attribute. Those with blood type B are said to have a strong immune system and do well with dairy.


Blood Type AB – The Humanists

blood-type-personality-cartoon-4Those with blood type AB are said to have a ‘can do anything’ attitude and have strong concentration. They are said to be interested in anything and can be highly intelligent. They are said to be controlled by their heads rather than their hearts and can be controlled, rational and critical. They can sometimes show an authoritative attitude. They can be shy, aloof and indecisive and can be distant from others. Some even go so far as to say that AB’s prefer to be alone. They are also said to have split personalities and can therefore be emotional and unpredictable. Some consider them to be untrustworthy and two-faced because of this. However, they are said to be good with money. They are also recommended to eat like the Farmers and Nomads do.


Blood Type O – The Warriors

blood-type-personality-cartoon-3Those with blood type O are said to be natural leaders – they are outgoing, energetic and optimistic. They speak their minds loud and clear whilst being friendly and easy going. They tend to be expressive and passionate with high self-confidence and are highly ambitious. They have a strong physical presence and are unlikely to be overlooked. They tend to be dramatic which might make others feel uncomfortable. They can be arrogant, insensitive, ruthless and vein. They can be obsessively preoccupied with success. However, they won’t leave someone who is in trouble by themselves and are said to be natural athletes. It is suggested that blood type O’s eat a high protein diet and exercise rigorously.


Whilst there is no scientific evidence to back up the blood type personality theory, it is still interesting and fun.

What blood type are you and does your personality match the descriptions above? Let us know in the comments.


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  • SakiVI

    I don’t know my blood type. I figure whoever needs it will check and deal with it. I’ll probably be unconscious so I won’t hear about it anyway.

  • Kim

    im blood type o and the description just desrcibed the exact opposite of what im like

    • VIPanda1212

      I’m Blood Type O and it’s exactly who I am now. kekeke~

      • preston

        same here lol

    • Noah

      Yeh I’m O type too and the description confused me a little. They got the “speak your mind” part right, as well as being dramatic and “not leaving friends behind” thing, but the ambition, leader, optimistic, energetic thing is beyond me. Also they are right about having to exercise and eating lots of protein which is odd for me because I’m mostly vegetarian, but realize that grains really do slow me down :

  • rochelle.bernard96

    This all sounds like fun, but I don’t know mine. :(

  • Heather Dawn

    I’m blood type A and this fits perfectly. Before I found out my blood type I read the bios and guessed that I was type A. My boyfriend doesn’t know his blood type but I strongly suspect he is type B. If he isn’t I will be very surprised!

  • Em Jahay

    I’m an O and where some things are me much isn’t

  • Δ BEKAH 95 Δ

    i’m O and it’s right ! 😮

  • chaplin

    Yeah I am A, so happy, and this is kind of true.. omg it is!!

  • Michelle Totoris

    I am bloodtype A and I am most of what is described, except I am not stubborn, not uptight, i can hold liquor very good, and i am far from being shy. Lol

  • Mizz minnie

    im a O and omg !!most was right but i can say that the wrong part was :im not vain,ruthless,or arrogant and i have zero self confidence and am not obsessed with sucess XD but i kinda think i got some traits of all the types XDDDDDDDDDDD i hope! bring it on Korea XP

    • Bruno

      Ask your friends about those cons. I’m saying that because i’m an O- and my friends always say that i’m an arrogant, ruthless person sometimes.

    • Noah

      Well O is compatible with all the other types so I would not be surprised if you read the other descriptions and feel you match something of theirs too :)

  • Vicki

    I’m type A. Almost everything is true about me.

  • jivara

    omg this is crayze i am type A and it’s all true every thing and this part scared me it is 100% true “They have been said to like to forget reality and hide in their own worlds due to a romantic nature”, thanks for this because i thought i am crazy cause i have to fight with myself everyday to go back to reality

  • Amber

    I’m blood type O and I’m also not anything like it. If anything I’d describe myself as type A.

    • summerdayseve

      I’m A and I’m more an O, minus the mean part I hope

  • princess

    i’m AB and dude, how can it be so similar with me?especially at the part about using head rather than heart..everything is so this really only a superstition?i bet people should make a research about this.

  • ayris

    Wow…..I’m amazed. Blood type do play part in ones life too. No wonder in some country, they do make a fuss about this.

  • Zoe

    I’m an O and lol it’s who I am.

  • David Kim

    I’m an AB and holy fuck that was a perfect 100% accurate description of my life.

    • Msalucard1000

      Im AB too.. I dont know if itz gud at all, i literally cant donate my blood…

      • Syahirah Saliasan

        same here~~ i cant donate my blood..huhu…

    • Jessie

      AB here and that was accurate for me too!

    • Ma Donna Angeline Sahagun

      AB person here too.. And it’s accurate for me also~ It’s so amazing >< I just don't know if the "highly intelligent" part also applies to me lol hahaha

  • JayM

    I an A, but also seem to match some of B. More A personity when younger, but I always loved animals and a few other B personality traits. I was shy and introverted, but now I say anything and share my emotions too much

  • Jacqueline

    My blood type is B, yet some of what was written doesn’t apply to me, I’m more like the A blood type. Weird, yet cool.

  • Hala Al Harthy

    Woah this totally relatable! I’m blood type B and I see me in the description. Although I have no enemies

  • Miluska Romero Torres

    i’m blood type negative o and the description just described the exact opposite of what im

  • Allie

    I’m a blood type O and that’s a perfect description of my personality.

  • Yel

    Im an o and it hit the spot, not a 100% though. I lack self-confidence, definitely not arrogant, a little bit insensitive, never ruthless, and a no-no for vain. But I’m totally obssess with success. Who wouldn’t want to be successful, right?

  • Usama Muhammad

    I don’t know my blood type, but i’m a mixture of all those descriptions in one

  • athena

    Ilove it my blood type is b and I really don’t care about what people saying some stuff like that

  • athena

    Well my blood type is b and I really don’t care about what people saying some stuff like that

  • TS

    I am type A and this is quite true…

  • Iodized_Pepper

    I am Type A, and the description fits me! I am secretive, tense, like to be punctual. I like to hide in my own world. The other description do not fit me at all.

  • Chloe Clemis

    I’m O, and while i like protein, i am practically the opposite. My personality is like a mix between A and AB, i’m also almost always overlooked as people have often forgotten about me or not seen me despoite being right in front of me (including my family household). My mom is also A and she is bipolar and has an “all about me” mindset. O.o

  • pinar

    I’m AB and 100% true :))

  • Megan Shaffer

    Interesting topic. I have B pos blood. The description matches my temperament, though I have some O traits as well. Must be bc I’m heterozygous, ha! Ya, but a strong immune system and highly able to process dairy…. NOOOOOO

  • Jessie

    I’m AB and that was pretty close! I’m creative and athletic, yet I can also be shy and off in my own world. I’m basically two personalities. I’m not sure I’m that intelligent, I’m a bit but not that much! I do enjoy many things, but I also lose concentration easily. So it it’s correct but not entirely! :)

  • Kimchigirl

    I am type B and hoooooooooooooooooly that’s 100% me……..kinda creepy haha

  • marie

    almost got them all but i’m no athlete i go to the gym for fitness not to compete lol


    I was AB….wow. I’ve never seen such an accurate discription of myself. I don’t know my medical blood type, but according to this test, I’m AB.

  • Right Words

    Do Rh-factors affect? What have these Asian countries got to say for this?
    I believe a person’s health is more determined by blood-types rather personalities. Personalities depend on genetics and environment, so I have a little doubt over “blood-persona” hypothesis.

  • Erik Boustany

    I am blood type A and have some of the traits, esp. Being punctual and sensitive to others!. But I think I relate best to AB. My father is AB and my mother is O. So I have a little bit of all of the blood type traits I think! But AB matched the best to me overall.

  • Yashiba Sanil

    I’m blood type O and everything matches except for the “natural athletes” part. I have ridiculous body balance and sports has my been my mortal enemy for the longest time.

  • Quinn Russ

    Weird thing is these all described me, just when I’m in different moods.
    Over the summer I was a stereotupical O, I was a protein junkie and gym rat.
    When I am really happy, I am like B and I can be too optimistic and outgoing and loud and other people find it annoying. This was me all throughout middleschool.
    Blood type A is like me now- daydreaming and depressed about my current life. So caught up in being perfect and romamtic fantasies….reserved and antisocial.
    And then Im like AB because of these split personalities! Either motivated and leaderlike, or reserved and thoughtful…

    My blood type is O+

  • kristengail cortez

    I like henry so much! but i’m a teacher and he’s my student in the Philippines ,his friend asked me what blood type am i ,and like… i don’t even know what my blood type is and then he just concluded i’m a B type and then i said O maybe?… maybe you are AB and i just laughed and not taking everything seriously and he said “you are cute” and then said”no! i’m not cute or pretty…just smart ! ok?” :) and he said you are perfect to each other i knew it !.. since i knew it was mutual on what we feels …i started to ignore him because i’m shy!! now he went back to korea just because his lonely!!!! like Watda not a persistent or brave man at all :( i miss him so bad he has ROYAL BLOOD! i hate it CEO’s son IDCare!!! you korean please love yourself and have confidence pleeeeassse!! you all are cute