The Rise of Anti-Heroes in Korean Dramas

Korean dramas are a highly imitative genre. If something is successful once you will surely see many variations on a theme cropping up. How many “Boys Over Flowers” clones are there out there? Since the release of the critically acclaimed smash hit “The Innocent Man” in 2012 it’s no…

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The Troubles of Not Starring in a Korean Drama

I imagine to a huge number of avid Korean drama fans, the idea of working as a supporting actor on a K-Drama sounds fantastic. Working with beautiful, well-known stars, playing out fun and interesting storylines and having the opportunity to experience the glamorous world of drama sounds like…

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Underwhelming Romance - The little things that make me cringe

Korean dramas. Whether you are looking for something that makes you tear up at the drop of a hat or for a little action before bed, there is something made for everyone. I often find myself sitting back to watch one every so often to pass the time. But, unlike…

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Can we take a moment to talk about "When A Man Loves?"

There are two things I would like to get across to K Drama makers and viewers: 1. Paternalism is not support, controlling is not caring. 2. Falling in love is not a math equation and you can’t blame someone for who they love.

When I watched the first four…

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The Pressure to 'Be Pure' in Korean Dramas

How many dramas have you seen that stars a woman in her 20s (often her late 20s) who has never been kissed and has never fallen in love? This happens frequently in dramas and I am sure I am not the only one that it strikes as odd. Let’s…

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The Hallyu fan’s guide to teaching in Korea

Above is an image from popular K-Drama Dream High. This is not an accurate reflection of South Korean high school.

This is a guest article from

In November, 2011 I had free tickets to the Asian Song Festival in Daegu. Sometime towards the end, after Miss A…

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Dangerous Men: The Normalisation of Domestic Abuse in Korean Dramas

“You’re cute. Every now and then. There’re also times when you’re beautiful. From time to time. But…Why do I like you?” – Baek Seung-Jo in Playful Kiss
One of the most common tropes in Korean dramas features an innocent and pure-hearted woman (with shortcomings) who…

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