Can we take a moment to talk about "When A Man Loves?"

There are two things I would like to get across to K Drama makers and viewers: 1. Paternalism is not support, controlling is not caring. 2. Falling in love is not a math equation and you can’t blame someone for who they love.

When I watched the first four…

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The Pressure to 'Be Pure' in Korean Dramas

How many dramas have you seen that stars a woman in her 20s (often her late 20s) who has never been kissed and has never fallen in love? This happens frequently in dramas and I am sure I am not the only one that it strikes as odd. Let’s…

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Dad! Where Are We Going? : Step by Step Guide

Variety shows have always been a top choice for Koreans and fans of Korean culture alike. What other time do we get to view a more human side to our favourite actors, idols and comedians than in a show designed to push them to their very limits both physically and…

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Korean Films In Review: Code Name Jackal

‘Code Name Jackal’ (or ‘자칼이 온다’) is a new release from director Bae Hyung Joon and is a comedy with a slight twist of action and espionage mixed in.

The film has a relatively small cast in terms of numbers, but it is carried through by Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jaejoong…

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The Hallyu fan’s guide to teaching in Korea

Above is an image from popular K-Drama Dream High. This is not an accurate reflection of South Korean high school.

This is a guest article from

In November, 2011 I had free tickets to the Asian Song Festival in Daegu. Sometime towards the end, after Miss A…

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UK Korean Events of the Week: 1st - 7th April

It’s the start of April this week which we can only hope means the start of some warmer weather after the Met office officially named yesterday the coldest Easter Sunday on record. Thankfully though, regardless of the weather, there are plenty of interesting event happening inside this week if…

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Dangerous Men: The Normalisation of Domestic Abuse in Korean Dramas

“You’re cute. Every now and then. There’re also times when you’re beautiful. From time to time. But…Why do I like you?” – Baek Seung-Jo in Playful Kiss
One of the most common tropes in Korean dramas features an innocent and pure-hearted woman (with shortcomings) who…

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