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Recommendations of the Week: Indie 2

Hey wonderful people! It’s Sasha once again with a list of indie songs that are keeping me feeling good this week (I currently have the flu and my mood is suffering due to this). Alas, music is keeping me as cheerful as it possibly can! I hope you enjoy…

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Recommendations of the Week: Hip-Hop 2

Hey guys, Sasha again! It’s been a little while since I last posted up one of these lists and I’m unsure how many people actually read them and listened to the music but I’m going to make this a monthly thing.


Geeks (긱스) – Hold it down


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An interview with singer-songwriter, Hugh Keice

On Thursday 13th December Beyond Hallyu were fortunate enough to do a quick interview with UK-based Korean singer-songwriter Hugh Keice, shortly before his performance at an unplugged music night in Lambeth. Here we discussed his music, influences and plans for the future.
To start with how would you…

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Underrated Hip-Hop: Sunday 2PM

Hands up all those who have heard of Sunday 2PM. Now, without even waiting for people to reply with ‘I have!’, I can tell you how many people I know personally that have heard of them…..two. Only two people have heard of this very strong and much underrated duo…

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O Bang Saek KAA UK 2012

Beyond Hallyu attended and covered our first event at the Korean Cultural Centre and what a wonderful event it was. The event was the Korean Artists Association UK’s promotion of their culture and art via Obangsaek.  Obangsaek is the interpretation, via music, dance and the visual arts, of the…

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Underrated Indie: Zitten (짙은)

Zitten were a group formed by singer-guitarist Sung Yong-wook and drummer Yoon Hyeong-Ro. They had worked together before (as students in a group) and met many times after at amateur band meets at which they were performing; initially not planning to come together musically as a band…

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Recommendations of the Week: Hip-Hop 1

Hey this is the first edition of a new list of recommendations made by a fan of Korean hip-hop for fans of Korean hip-hop. New fans or people who are interested, but unsure of where to start do not feel left out as this list is to show…

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Recommendations of the Week: Indie 1

I often notice when browsing k-pop fan pages that  fans will often ask for suggestions of Korean music outside of k-pop. So I felt that it would be a wonderful idea to write weekly lists of my suggestions of music of different genres. Let’s begin with some…

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London Korean Film Festival Red Carpet Opening – ‘The Thieves’ PHOTOS

Photos from the red carpet opening of London Korean Film Festival at Odeon West End. The first film on show was ‘The Thieves’ starring Kim Soo Hyun and was followed by a Q&A session with director, Choi Donghoon.

[slickr-flickr tag=”thethieves” api=”965b9b4b50f8cd50789fc646810f9ff6″]

Our flickr: beyondhallyu


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