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Hidden Hongdae: Exploring indie Seoul

When you read the title, what image of Hongdae came to mind? Bustling streets full of young couples shopping? Or perhaps it was the thriving nightlife with dance-offs and drunken revellers congregating in the infamous Playground? These are the most common perceptions of what Hongdae is all about as…

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The idealisation of Korean men

Since I started my degree in Korean Studies and moved to Korea, I have noticed that foreign women are idealising Korean men. From students of Korean to English teachers and people just casually interested in Korean popular culture, they have all created this perception of Korean men being the perfect…

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Kakaotalk games and their short-lived popularity

Take any form of public transport in any city in Korea and you will see a cultural phenomenon in action: people frantically tapping or swiping their smartphones. Why? They’re all playing different games for the popular messaging app Kakaotalk.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Kakaotalk is…

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Highs and Lows of the Korean Life for a Non K-pop Fan

First off, let me explain why I have chosen such a title for my first article. My major at my home university in the UK is Korean studies and as soon as anyone in my Asian studies department finds out what I am studying I get asked the inevitable questions…

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