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BH Playlist: Ctrl-Alt-K

This week’s playlist is all about Korean alternative bands. We have seen a lot of changes in the way alternative musicians promote their music both in and outside of Korean. As the K-Indie scene has quickly been able to attract more listeners allowing them to expand easily into…

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Do Min-joon as The Alien Messiah in My Love from the Star

The alien messiah has not ceased to be a spectre of popular consciousness since the late 20th century. As a character archetype in science fiction films like Superman, the alien messiah is often depicted as one who comes from a place that is both distant from and technologically superior to…

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More than just a pretty picture: Fansite culture in the K-pop fandom

Imagine this: an intimate knowledge of your idol’s schedule, absolute dedication, unquestionable patience and camera equipment worth thousands of dollars. An entire life that revolves around a group or a person. This is the standard requirement of a fansite – individuals or a small group of people who catalogue the…

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Asianness and Americanness: An Adoptee’s Perspective on Identity

This is a guest post from a Korean American adoptee about his personal experience of growing up and finding his identity as an Asian American adoptee. He is one of thousands of children adopted out of Korea by parents from around the world since the 1950s. 

Being an Asian American…

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The Hallyu fan’s guide to teaching in Korea

Above is an image from popular K-Drama Dream High. This is not an accurate reflection of South Korean high school.

This is a guest article from

In November, 2011 I had free tickets to the Asian Song Festival in Daegu. Sometime towards the end, after Miss A…

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My Korean Husband and Me: Being Bi-cultural

This is a guest post from the author of the blog ‘My Korean Husband’

Hello! I’m an Australian woman married to a Korean man… and I draw comics. In the comic above I tried to convey that each scene could be happening in Korea, until the final frame where…

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What Conscription Really Means for Koreans

This is a guest article from the author of the blog Sorry, I was drunk

I got a little irked a few days ago when I was out with a buddy of mine and topic of conscription came up. The guy was a conservative American and he thought it’d…

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‘You are so Korean’ Dating a person, not a culture.

This is a guest article written by Oegukeen of Loving Korean

My boyfriend is the first Korean I have ever met. He’s the first Asian I have ever met. Actually, he’s the first non-European I have ever met. Cultural differences and bewilderment from both sides seemed inevitable…

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Hanji – A Nationʼs Secret

This is a guest article from Paul Munson of Papertree. Read down to the end for an exclusive discount in their online store for all Beyond Hallyu readers .  

What happened before Korean film started to break through with films such as Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring by Kim Ki…

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Fashion Forward Idols or Potential Capital Opportunities?

2PM are back once again, with their smooth voices and irresistible charm. The K-pop idol group has released their new album in collaboration with the well known fashion brand The United Colours of Benetton with a unique twist. ‘Clothes Album’, the hint is in the name. . As part of…

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