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BH Podcast 3: Kim Hyun Joong, Unpretty Rapstar, CL and keepin’ it real

We’re disappointed in us too, Cheetah.
We’re finally back! Apologies for the delay since the last episode, we had some problems when Lizzie’s laptop fell apart at the hinges but now we’re back on track.

We have now switched from Sounndcloud to Mixcloud (mainly for financial…

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Korean Indie Interview: Electro rock duo From The Airport

It was almost exactly two years ago that we first interviewed From the Airport just after they had released their second single. In the time since, they signed with their label Fluxus Music, home to Clazziquai Project and Urban Zakapa, and released their first EP Chemical Love a year later…

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BH Podcast 2: 2015 – Will it be a hit or a miss?

It’s here! The second ever episode of BH podcast! Calm down now, don’t get too excited.

You can also download this episode here via iTunes or using our RSS feed.

This time, we make it our predictions for 2015 including CL’s upcoming US debut, Big Bang’s…

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BH Podcast 1: What a Scandal! – 2014 in Review

This is the first ever episode of the Beyond Hallyu podcast. In this episode we try and make sense of the chaos that was 2014 in K-pop. From the high-profile group member departures (including EXO and Jessica) to the terrible lyrics and music videos (looking at you, Zico…

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The 12 best K-pop music videos of 2014

2014 was one hell of a messy year for K-pop. Dating scandals, legal disputes and member departures seemed to plague the industry throughout the year but these paled into insignificance compared to the tragic fatal car accident that rocked the industry and the horrific national tragedy which put it…

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Ask Beyond Hallyu! Announcing our new podcast

We’re currently in the process of creating a new Beyond Hallyu podcast which we should be launching in the next few weeks!

We’re working on getting lots of interesting interviews and special guest right now so hopefully we can make it a regular thing. Hopefully we will be…

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Presenting our new logo to celebrate our second birthday!

Today is our birthday and to celebrate the occasion we thought it was about time we redesigned our logo. We’ve never been entirely happy with it and we thought today seemed like the perfect time to launch a new one.

Thank you to everyone who has read, supported, written…

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Come and write about Korean entertainment with Beyond Hallyu!

Here at Beyond Hallyu we’re not scared of a controversial opinion. Look how shocked Yoona is. Just look at her.
Do you know far more than is healthy about K-pop, Korean film, drama or variety shows? Always boring your friends by over-analysing your favourite music videos? Want…

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