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[Interview] Zandari Festa returns to Hongdae with another great lineup

Korea’s top indie showcase festival Zandari Festa is back once again in Hongdae next weekend. This year 140 acts will be playing across 10 music venues between Friday 29th September and Sunday 1st October.

Established names in Korean music including Galaxy Express, Idiotape, 3rd Line Butterfly and Neon Bunny…

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DEAN is so popular in London they’ve put on a second date

Turns out R&B singer DEAN (or is it DΞΔN?) is so popular in the UK, concert organisers have put on a second date in London after the first one sold out.

Tickets are on sale for the gig at KOKO in Camden on Saturday the 24th June…

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HIGHLIGHT and EXID to play London Korean Festival in July

UPDATE: There has been some confusion over the event because the KCCUK have deleted their initial Facebook post but according to event organisers Audience the event is still going ahead as announced.

Looks like this year’s London Korean Festival is back with a bigger K-pop lineup than ever…

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Will a new Korean president improve LGBT rights? Seems unlikely.

There’s just something about April in Korea. Alongside the annual cherry blossom bloomings and yellow dust warnings, the month also tends to bring threats of war from North of the border and challenges for the country’s increasingly visible LGBT population.

The Korean Queer Culture Festival is once again…

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GFRIEND, Korea’s hidden camera problem and when fans cross the line

“Hidden camera glasses” started trending on Korean twitter earlier when a video emerged of Yerin from GFRIEND removing the glasses of a man at their fansign after suspecting they contained a camera.  At around 40m 30s in the video you can see Yerin politely ask the fan about the glasses…

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allkpop are still as bad as ever

Allkpop have published (barely anonymised) sensitive photographs of the alleged female victim of a violent crime. Just another day of responsible reporting from everyone’s favourite K-pop news website…

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[UPDATE] The Barberettes and Sultan of the Disco to return to the UK

[UPDATE] The venue and date for this event have changed. The concert will now be held at the Borderline on the 23rd May and there is a currently a 50% discount if you buy tickets from the Borderline’s website and use promo code KSHOW.

Indie retro girl group The…

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Block B announce European tour stops including London

Block B have announced the locations for their European tour in October including a stop in London.

The group have been working with concert crowdfunding platform MyMusicTaste asking fans to vote for where they want to see the boys.

In a video, the members of Block B announced where they…

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