Korean Hip Hop Interview: G-Slow

It’s no shock that as fans we often tend to dismiss the people behind the scenes of our favourite artists, from their songwriters to their producers but sometimes they are the most interesting people to discover more about. One such person is G-Slow. Having worked with both underground and mainstream hip-hop artists from The Quiett to Crucial Star, G-Slow has left his mark on the scene as a producer to watch but he aims to do so much more. Just before Christmas he will be going to do his mandatory military service but he is leaving fans with a album he has put 100% of himself into. We asked the man a few questions before he released the album. (We are thankful to him for taking the time on such a busy week to answer our questions and wish him luck whilst completing his service).


G-Slow’s new album Pulse was released on the 17th

Firstly could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I’m G-Slow a Korean hip-hop music producer in South Korea. I released my first album High Frequency in 2009 and since that time I’ve had about 100 pieces of music in collaboration with various musicians.

If you could describe the music you produce in 3 words what would they be?

Groove, Versatility, New

You will be releasing a new album this week but how would you say this album is different from previous releases?

The new album PULSE (which will be released on December 17th) is composed of the styles of music I’m currently most interested in at the moment. It’s not just hip-hop but a mixture of hip-hip with indie and dance. Also this album consists purely of my own music as I’m releasing it completely independent of entertainment companies and sound source distribution. There are no MC’s involved, and I’ve done the album cover and promotion all by myself.

Your two year mandatory military service falls around the same time as your album release. Are the two dates so close together by chance or to ensure that your name remains a focus with fans whilst you are completing your service?

The dates are around the same time by chance but I will try to get the most out of it.

The music you produce to me incorporates many genres and is very ‘listener friendly’ meaning lots of people, regardless of the genre of music they like, could listen to it. Although this is true, if you had the chance, which genres would you consider trying in the future?

If I had to say I would want to try and compose movie soundtracks as they are able to use a variety of genres. I love music that contains every groove. I started producing hip-hop first but I also quite like noisy and expressive music such as rock, dubstep and EDM. Though, I also like to listen to relaxing music like chill wave and deep-house. From the very first moment I started producing music to now, I have always selected the genre of music I produce and work as a way of expressing my emotions rather than focusing on that particular styling of music. I will continue to follow every genre of music and adapt them as I go to allow them to become mine.

Do you think the Korean music industry (both artists and producers) are beginning to rest too heavily on gaining international recognition, rather than recognition within Korea? Or do you think that most artists simply do not notice how much international fans enjoy Korean music?

I think most of the people I’ve met always keep in mind that it is important to gain recognition not only domestically but also internationally. However both artists and producers are very concerned about good timing and method when it comes to gaining recognition for their work.

Which artists and producers would you recommend to our readers?

There is an MC called Crucial Star who started music with me. He has his own ‘colours’ to his raps and songs. It’s definitely worth a listen. Also CZA and Donutman (who I work with) are new rising artists.

Where do you see yourself in the future (in terms of your career)?

I will wait until I am discharged from the army in 2 years first and then I hope I will be producing much better music than I do now.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

I hope you will listen to my music and support me if you like what I do. Thanks for spending your precious time on reading this interview.

Thanks again to G-Slow for taking the time to talk to us! If you want to check out his new album you can listen to that here and make sure to follow him on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date with all his future releases.

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