[Interview] Zandari Festa returns to Hongdae with another great lineup

Korea’s top indie showcase festival Zandari Festa is back once again in Hongdae next weekend. This year 140 acts will be playing across 10 music venues between Friday 29th September and Sunday 1st October.

Established names in Korean music including Galaxy Express, Idiotape, 3rd Line Butterfly and Neon Bunny will be joined by a long list of local up and coming acts as well as a huge variety of bands from 25 different countries.

Zandari Lineup Poster

More information about the event and where to buy tickets can be found on the Zandari Festa Facebook page.

We spoke to guitarist Joseph Lee from local band DABDA and guitarist Moa Lenngren from Swedish group Browsing Collection about the upcoming festival.


What made you want to perform at Zandari Festa? 

We liked the fact that we we’re able to perform on the same stage as bands from different scenes, genres, and countries that we normally don’t get to play with. We also like that foreign promoters attend the fest, so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the music scenes of other countries and get information about touring overseas because one of our main goals is to gig internationally. 

What can festival goers expect from your showcase? 

They can expect to have an eargasm! 

Which bands do you want to see perform at Zandari Festa? 

Hellivision is an awesome band that we respect and love so everyone should definitely check them out. In the future, we’d love to see more math rock/eccentric style bands from other countries that have really inspired such as Tom’s Story from the Philippines, tfvsjs from Hong Kong, Tricot Japan, rega from Japan and others come to Korea for this fantastic festival.

Browsing Collection

What made you want to come to Seoul for Zandari Festa? 

We got an offer from one of our bookers who had heard there might be a spot for us at the festival. Once we heard these words we immediately showed interest and got super excited when the gig was confirmed! This festival seems to have a lot of bands in different genres from different countries which is super thrilling and a great opportunity to get new contacts and inspiration. And by the way we’ve never been to South Korea before so this we will be a whole new experience. We are really looking forward to this! 

What can festival goers expect from your showcase? 

We always perform with high intensity and deliver a crazy show you will never forget, along with heavy neck pain from head banging to our catchy songs and a sore throat from screaming your lungs out. Playing live is the best feeling in the world and we guarantee that you’ll be affected by our high energy and tight riffs! Also, expect terrible small talk and maybe some crappy rock n’ roll moves. 

Aside from performing, what else do you want to do in Seoul during your visit? 

At the moment we’ve got three gigs booked that will take place in different cities during the weekend, but we still have a few days left to get to know Seoul. First of all we want to eat a lot! So we really hope you’ve got nice food in Seoul! Then we might be heading for some shopping and sightseeing. Actually we don’t know a lot of places to see yet, so why don’t you write to us on Facebook if you know a cool place we just can’t miss out on! 

What’s one thing everyone at Zandari Festa should know about Browsing Collection?  

One of the most unique things might be that we do everything by ourselves! Of course we write our own songs, but we also record, produce and mix them by ourselves, film and edit our own music videos, arrange photo shoots and design our own logos, press material and merchandise such as t-shirts and bags. Everyone should also know that we have a great sense of humor, so come hang out with us at Zandari Festa! 

I’ll be heading over to Hongdae to cover some of the shows next weekend so expect reviews and interviews in the near future.