An Interview with up and coming group, From The Airport.

Beyond Hallyu recently had the opportunity to do a short interview with Korean rock group, From The Airport. Here we learnt a little more about their thoughts on the music they produce, what direction they will be taking their music in and their plans for the future.

To new listeners how would you describe the music you produce? 

We like to call our music ‘new electro rock.’ We try to experiment mixing electronica and rock to concoct something that sounds fresh. And we make the most effort to produce good stable melodies and lyrics. We feel those elements are crucial in transferring our messages to our listeners.

How did the band start and how long have you been performing together?

The band started early 2012. Before we met, we were both in different musical worlds, Milo producing and performing for hit Korean films, and Zee producing in the Kpop industry. So one could say the two of us sort of met by accident. But when we did meet we felt that chemistry we don’t often come across. So yeah, then we got ourselves a producing room and started making ‘Colors.’

Who are your influences?

We like a lot of artists, for example Sigur Ros, Dream Theater, Coldplay, etc., but when we compose we try not to listen to other bands so much. We try not to get too influenced by other music, because we do try and produce something that sounds distinctly FTA.

And who are you listening to at the moment?

Milo: Dream Theater, Fourplay, Hot Chip, Paul Gilbert, Bach, etc.

Zee: Let me check my iPod… ‘Sir Sly – Where I’m Going’ is on at the moment.

Eat Your Kimchi did a small review of your song Colors and included it on one of their popular indie playlists, how did that feel?

We didn’t know about the site, but when we found out about it, it was really cool. There are a lot of readers and followers of the site and the review helped our track gain some recognition. Hope the readers liked the track.

What direction are you planning to take your music in 2013?

We just finished composing our next single around yesterday, so we’re planning to finish and release it sometime during March or April. We’ll continue composing and we’ll start our live shows pretty soon.

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

Playing in Glastonbury, Coachella and Global Gathering. Ha. Hope to meet you guys in the UK many times before then. We’ve been to the UK, and we love your skies.

To the readers from the group: Thanks for reading this and supporting From The Airport. Look out for our next single, and hope our music will be a positive conversation for you guys. Have a great 2013!


Beyond Hallyu would firstly like to thank From The Airport for taking the time to do a quick interview with us and would also like to wish them all the best for 2013. We will be supporting your music and look forward to the release of the new single in the coming months.

To read more about From The Airport and keep up to date with them please check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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