Scandals and the Underdogs of Hip-Hop (BH Playlist)

We are just over a week into the start of 2013 and already many issues have arisen within the Korean music industry. It was recently revealed that hip-hop idol group Block B would be taking court action against their company Stardom due to issues with non-payment of earnings, but since this has been declared many other facts have suddenly arisen and other stars are coming to the forefront with their own stories of mistreatment at the hands of their companies. Rapper Tymee (formerly known by the performing name of E.Via) has also come out in defence of Block B’s court decision, declaring that she is currently undergoing a similar situation with her own company revealing that she had not received revenue from album earnings for two years.

Both cases have left fans both confused and hurt for the artists who are suffering due to circumstances out of their own control. And although both of these issues are awful things for both Tymee and Block B to face, each situation has shown us that both the artists and the fans can come together in times of need. Since Information of Block B’s predicament has become public knowledge, BBCs (Block B’s fandom) have banned together online to show their undying support towards the group; making hash tags such as ‘#WeSupportBlockB’ trend on twitter.

Even the group themselves have proven just how supportive and caring they are of one another by taking Stardom to court as a whole group, choosing to fight together as one instead of separately. This appears to have come as a slight shock to a few well known K-pop related sites as well known groups have before split due to issues with their companies leaving fans distraught and the group members distant from one another.

Though many have undertaken the Block B issue due to them having a strong fan base (one which I am proud to be a member of), Tymee has had very little publication of her own issues due to a general lack of both information and knowledge on her particular situation. So here at Beyond Hallyu we decided to put together a little hip-hop playlist of artists that have undergone both the same and similar situations in the past; from loss of earnings to being underrated. This is a playlist of some of hip-hop’s underdogs who are deserving of much more.


i11evn – Level 8

Zico – Battle Royal

Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra, Choiza – The Cypher 2012

E.Via – Shake

Block B – No Joke

Beenzino – Aqua Man

Hannew – Goodbye & Hello

Dr.Gimm Feat. mNine – Slow

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  • Andy’s dinner table

    oh man. i that e.via had not been paid in 2 years. thats just ridiculous. how is she living? thats bad for block b too. doesnt surprise me coming from south korea. business men from there seem more corrupt than in the US. or the same?