Chilled Out K-Music New Year’s Eve

It’s chilly in London and I’m awaiting the turning of a New Year whilst looking back over the one we are about to leave behind – all the comebacks, the concepts, the departures for military services, the failed hairstyles (seriously Taeyang you got asked to change it up a little but WTF did you do?!?). But while most people ready themselves (or in some cases already have readied themselves and gone into the New Year) all around the world to go out with friends and see in the turning of another year in style, I plan to… ajumma dance in the comfort of my living room!

Yes, I know New Year’s Eve is usually the time where people go out and drink and party the night away with friends. But what kind of a night is it for those of us who just want to stay at home with some hot chocolate and warm socks? An amazing indoor party in the comfort of your own home! So pull on those comfortable socks, tighten that dressing gown and join me as I see in the New Year Beyond Hallyu style.


A little K-pop:

SHINee – Everybody

Miss A – Hush


Nine Muses – Glue

Hip-hop and R&B:

Beenzino – Dali, Van, Picasso

Louie (Geeks) Feat. U Seong Eun and Young Luffy – Are You Up?

MSG Feat. FANA – Lonely Night

NuType – What Will You Do Tomorrow?

Indie and Electronic:

Glen Check – Young Generation

Saltnpaper – Heart Storm

Demicat Feat. Koonta – Locked In The Dream

Smells Feat. Neon Bunny – Listen To Your Heart


Wherever you are in the world we hope you have (or had) a wonderful and safe start to 2014 and are have a much fulfilled year. (We have included a smaller and more on the go player for those who don’t wish to watch the MV’s). 

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Lover of Korean hip-hop and indie music...and Unicorns.
  • whateverwha

    Wow…your hip hop playlist is awesome…I haven’t listened to K-hip hop for a while, good to see they’re getting even better.

    • sasha_BH

      Sorry for the late response. It’s nice to see someone appreciated the hip-hop ^^

      It certainly is getting a lot more interesting and varied in the hip-hop department and I believe 2014 could be a good year for rappers (underground and mainstream).

      Thanks for the comment.