The Best Korean Christmas Music Videos of 2014

Every year a bunch of Korean artists bring out various cheesy Christmas releases. Sometimes they’re good, most times they’re not but it’s always fun to see what they’ve come up this year. To help you out with this, we’ve picked out 12 of the most memorable releases from 2014. We hope they can help you get in the festive spirit.

1.  The Vibe Family – Lonely Christmas

A sad but sweet little track from a company with some really great vocalists, most famously Vibe and 4Men. The song is good but nothing particularly specials but the video is beautifully animated.

2. DSP Friends – White

DSP played it safe this year with it’s Christmas number opting for all its artists to cover Fin.K.L’s 1999 Christmas hit White. It’s not very original but let’s face it these songs are not about to become massive hits for anyone so maybe a familiar track is a good call. Certain Fin.K.L members didn’t exactly have the strongest vocals back in the day (Hyori has improved A LOT in the fifteen years since, and that’s putting it nicely) so there’s a part for everyone, even the more vocally challenged idols.

3. Kanto (feat. As One) – Before the Snow

Fairly typical slow, sugary rap that mainstream Korean hip hop is prone to. It has all the key Christmas elements including the sleigh bells, glockenspiels and allusions to Christmas carols. Nonetheless it’s a nice, easy listen for Christmastime and As One’s vocals are lovely as usual.

4. Eric Nam – Melt My Heart

Sounds a bit like a K.Will album track, if you like that kind of thing (I do… mostly). Upbeat and again has all the necessary Christmas elements. It’s nothing ground breaking but an innocuous addition to a K-pop Christmas playlist. Plus Eric Nam’s childhood video at the beginning is adorable.

5. The Barberettes – Hun Hun Christmas

My personal favourite video of the bunch. The Barberettes have released a lot of great music this year and this is no exception. “Hun hun” roughly translates as warm and that’s exactly what the song is. Beautifully full and rounded melodies accompanied by just a piano and drums make it a really nice relaxing Christmas listen. This is one I will probably still be listening to at Christmas time in years to come.

6. Teen Top – Snow Candy

A silly video that has clearly been made just for Teen Top fans. The track is fun but pretty predictable but it’s always nice to watch music videos where the idols aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

7. Starship Planet – Love is You

Starship has a knack for recruiting artists whose voices work really well together. As always the Soyu/Junggigo and K.Will/Hyorin combinations sound great although Bora really couldn’t keep up with Mad Clown in the rap section. The video is cute and it’s fun to look out for all the little references to Starship releases over the past year. I also found the bits with K.Will and his selfie stick quite amusing but that might just be me.

8. Roy Kim – It’s Christmas Day

Quite simply, it’s a Roy Kim track but more christmassy. Check it out if you like that kind of thing.

9. Yoonsang and Davink – Waltz

The song sounds a little dated but the video is really nice. How many other videos feature a ballet dancer on a merry-go-round?

10. Kim Yeon Woo – Melt Away

Another sad ballad but one of the best on the list. Kim Yeon Woo’s voice is always nice to listen to and the water and ice in the music video is really captivating.

11. Sung Si Kyung (feat. Kwon Jin-ah) – Don’t Forget

Sung Si Kyung loves Christmas songs so much he released a whole Christmas album this year. It seems like a really natural choice both for his voice and also his impeccable taste in jumpers (or sweaters, if that’s what you call them).  The video has every Christmas cliche in the book but really isn’t that what we want from this kind of release?

12. Chrome Artists – Love Christmas

Crayon Pop and the rest of the Chrome Entertainment gang show everyone exactly how a company Christmas single is supposed to be done. A cheesy and predictable track with a video clearly recorded months ago full of silly antics). It’s pretty terrible but that’s what makes it so fantastic.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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