Help multicultural Korea documentary ‘Even the Rivers’ get made!

‘Even the River’, the documentary about multiculturalism in Korea has just launched a Kickstarter campaign! A few months ago we had the opportunity to interview director Cindy Lou Howe and it definitely looks like it’s going to be an interesting film once it is released.

The film looks at the growing importance of multiculturalism in Korean society specifically looking at the lives of children who come from multicultural families and the struggles they face in education and society. This is becoming a hugely important topic in Korea as the number of immigrants increases dramatically. It can be seen especially in the countryside where it is estimated that half of all children in rural Korea will come from a multi-ethnic household with 1.6 million people altogether coming from a mixed heritage background.

When we asked her what inspired her to make the documentary, Cindy Lou said:

Well, my academic research was taking me to various conferences and it became obvious that people were very interested in this topic of multiethnic and multiracial children in Korea. However, I felt that sharing stats and figures alone wasn’t the most effective way to provide a vivid picture of multicultural youth experiences today. So, I decided to team up with a team of high school students with the goal of recording the unheard voices – on-the-ground social activists, school leaders and multicultural youth – all of whom could share their perspective on education in South Korea to a larger audience.

In order to complete the final post-production stages of the documentary, the team behind it has launched a Kickstarter campaign and they want your help!

The team are offering lots of interesting thank you gifts for those whole donate including beautiful photographs of Korea, Korean silk pillow covers and posters as well as acknowledgements on the website and in the credits, digital or physical copies of the film and even a chance to meet the director!

If you are interested in helping this film get made and the voices of multi-ethnic children and their families heard as well as getting your hands on any of these gifts, make sure you check out the ‘Even The Rivers’ Kickstarter campaign. They are currently about a third of the way to their minimum goal and we want to help them get there!

And if you haven’t already you can also read our full interview with the director for more information about the film.

Let us know if you plan to back the project and tell them Beyond Hallyu sent you!