UK Korean Events of the Week: 17th – 23rd June

It’s definitely a busy week down at the Korean Cultural Centre this week! As well as the ongoing K-Music festival which has three concerts plus short daily performances this week, a new exhibition of Korean pottery is opening and the centre’s Women on Screen film series will be continuing this Thursday.  For more details of these events and more, keep reading below.

Chung Heesung and Je Baak @ HADA Contemporary

It’s the second week for this exhibition at HADA contemporary which features the photography and videography of Korean artists Chung Heesung and Je Baak. The works on display explore the limits of representation found in both art forms and ‘challenge on the idea of truth, perception and identity through rejection and acceptance of failure’. The exhibition is open until the end of July so there is plenty of time left to see it.

6th June – 28th July / Opening times: 11am-6pm / HADA Contemporary 21 Vyner street London E2 9DG / Click here for details.

Rising Stars – Lunch Time Classical Concerts @ KCCUK

As part of the K-Music festival, the KCC is hosting a one hour long concert from 1-2pm showcasing the talents of 10 Korean students from the Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music everyday this week. Attendees will also be served Korean traditional teas and snacks.

17th June – 21st June 1-2pm / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details.

MOON JAR: Contemporary Translations in Britain @ KCCUK

To celebrate 130 years of Korea/UK diplomatic relations, the KCC is launching an 8 week-long series of events celebrating Korean pottery which played an important role in early relations between the two countries. Focussing on the Korean Moon Jar and other Korean pottery, the first week of the exhibition will consist of the opening of a pottery exhibition in the KCC and the opportunity for a guided tour from the curator.

18th June – 17th August / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details.

Geomungo Factory Workshop: Meet the Musicians @ KCCUK

The KCC will be hosting this opportunity to meet the band who are playing a concert Wednesday as part of the K-Music festival and find out more about their instruments.

18th June 6pm / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details.

K-Music 2013 – Geomungo Factory

In their first ever British concert, Geomungo Factory will be setting out to show the audience why they have a such a cult following in Korea. Presenting to the audience the ancient Korean instrument, Geomungo, the group will spend the first half of the performance introducing the tradition sounds of the instrument before showcasing their own innovative and unique modern take on the Geomungo.

19th June 7.30pm / Admission: £15 / Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ / Click here for details and to book.

KCCUK Women on Screen: Homebound

Amidst everything happening for the K-Music festival, the Korean Cultural Centre is showing the fourth in its series of seven films which examine the changing role of women in Korean society over the past 80 years. The film explores the needs and desires of a housewife who having cared for an ill husband for over a decade, is seduced by a newspaper reporter and her feelings of guilt for the situation she has found herself in.

20th June 7pm / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details and to book.

K-Music 2013 – Kiha & The Faces + Yi Sung Yol

Two of Korea’s top underground artists are coming to for a guaranteed night of good music. Kiha and the Faces will be bringing their eccentric rock music to London as part of the K-Music festival alongside established singer/songwriter Yi Sung Yol whose music might be recognisable to some of the audience from a host of different Korean film and drama soundtracks. Kimchi Cult will also be there selling their unique brand of Korean-inspired fast food.

20th June 7pm / Admission: £15 / Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9NL / Click here for details and to book.

K-Music 2013 – Pansori Night – Ahn Sook-Sun

One of Korea’s greatest Pansori singers who has performed previously at WOMAD and Edinburgh International Festival, Ahn Sook-Sun will be showing the audience the best the artform has to offer. Often described as ‘Korean Opera’, Pansori is a very expressive musical form performed by a singer and a drummer which brings to life Korean myths passed on through oral tradition.

21th June 7.30pm / Admission: £15 / Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ / Click here for details and to book.

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