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K-Pop ‘Slave Contracts’ – A Closer Look

South Korea’s music business is thriving and is worth more than $3 billion a year. A huge part of that $3 billion comes from the K-Pop industry which has fans all over the world. Although $3 billion is the monetary outcome, a lot of money is put into…

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Plastic Surgery in Korea: To Do or Taboo?

It is no secret that Korean culture seems to hold beauty in such high regard to the point that it is common practice for young women and even men to alter their appearance in drastic ways.

It is normal for people to want to look their best, it is just…

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Korean Films In Review: Stoker

‘Stoker’ is Park Chan-wook’s debut into the world of English language film, and with it he has already established himself as a serious contender for turning his career to international eyes.

‘Stoker’ revolves around the Stoker family after the sudden death of the father figure, Richard Stoker. During…

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Korean Films in Review: Antique Bakery

“Can anyone be unhappy while eating cake?” – This is the line that will intrigue you and keep you wondering what it means through the whole movie.
‘Antique Bakery’ comes from acclaimed director Min Kyu-Dong (‘Memento Mori’) and stars Ju Ji-hun and Kim Jae-wook delivering perfect performances…

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2013: Upcoming Korean Films

2012 was a fantastic year for Korean film, The Thieves is currently the second highest single day opener of all time in Korea and Nameless Gangster had over 4 million viewings in under a month. Following Korean film success, two of Korea’s most noted directors are making their Hollywood…

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The Best Korean Films of 2012

2012 has been a great year for Korean film with many titles receiving high star user reviews on IMDB. In no particular order, let’s take a look back at some of the best films that Korea had to offer from 2012.


For fans of sci-fi or horror…

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What Hollywood can learn from Park Chan-Wook

Acclaimed Korean writer and director Park Chan-Wook has created some of South Korea’s most famous films which include the powerfully symbolic ‘Vengeance Trilogy’ and his first vampire film ‘Thirst’. His films have flourished the world over despite their violent content and graphic sexual exploits on-screen. He has…

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