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BH Discuss: Would Hallyu ever be possible without piracy?

Have you ever watched a K-Drama with fanmade subtitles online? Have you ever streamed a K-pop album uploaded to YouTube by a fan? Have you ever watched a clip of a live music show performances online which wasn’t uploaded by the broadcaster? You probably answered yes to…

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24 Hours I Think of You: JYP, Sunmi, 2PM and Desire in K-pop

When 2PM’s ‘ADTOY’ (All Day I Think Of You) came out in May, it made me think about the highly gendered nature of portrayals of desire in K-pop. Given that it was released just three days after Nine Muses’ controversial 19+ rated ‘Wild’ video to absolutely no controversy…

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K-pop By Numbers: Are K-pop idols getting younger? The evidence.

Every few months or so, someone take to the internet to complain about how young idols are nowadays and how exploited they are. However for the most part these claims seen to exist solely as dramatic gestures with no evidence to back them up. Given that Girls Generation were all…

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Roadtrip! – BH Playlist

Image above: Chuseok traffic at a standstill from 1993 (source)

(Find full tracklist below)
The biggest annual Korean holiday Chuseok took place this week . Aside from being an excuse for K-pop companies to post up lots of photos (and, boy, do they do take full advantage of it!), Chuseok…

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Interview with European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea

As one of the few remaining communist states and one of the most secretive countries in the world, North Korea is a subject of global media fascination. However due to it being so closed off, there is very little concrete information about what is doing on inside the country. Although…

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In the heart of Seoul: How does location affect the K-pop industry?

In many ways, the K-pop industry is similar to any other commercial pop industry but it also has many aspects which are unique to K-pop. Often it is these idiosyncrasies (short promotion cycles, trainee systems, sasaeng fans etc.) which garner the most interest and spark the most debate…

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The other Korean wave: The rising popularity of Korean cosmetics

We wanted to discover why Korean cosmetics have become so popular outside of Korea in recent years and so we talked to online Korean cosmetic retailer WISHTrend about the Korean beauty trend.

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Korea’s growing cultural influence…

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How To Make: Ramyeon Burger Recipe

Every few months there seems to be some kind of food trend that blows up on the internet and suddenly everyone wants to have a go. The most recent, which has been all over the web in the past week or so, is the ramen burger. Invented by Japanese chef…

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Could Crayon Pop be the new future of K-pop?

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few big news stories which have been raising concerns about the current state of the K-pop industry.

First up was the news of a sanction on SM Entertainment and the Korea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition by Korea…

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