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8 K-pop artists to watch out for in 2014

2013 was a confused old year for K-pop. It was definitely a weak year for quality single releases and cracks in the establishment began to appear with members of two of the industry most established girl groups, KARA and Wonder Girls announcing their intentions to part ways with their…

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BH Discuss: Do K-pop and K-Drama fans abuse the Korean language?

Above is a spoken-word poetry performance by young poet Stephanie Yun in which she speaks about struggles with her Korean American identity and connecting with her Korean heritage and the problem she has with K-pop and K-Drama fans decorating their language with random Korean words. In case…

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BH Playlist: It’s Christmas!

Image above: Themeparks like Lotte World go all out at this time of year!
With lights, trees and the everpresent sound of carols and festive pop hits, it’s that time of year again when no matter where you are, no one will let you forget that Christmas is approaching…

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The 8 Best K-pop Music Videos of 2013

Last week we looked at some of the most disappointing K-pop music videos of 2013. However this week we’re going to be focussing more on the positive side and exploring the some of the best video releases of the year. So without futher ado let’s have a…

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BH Discuss: K-pop predictions for 2014?

Image above: Do these recently unveiled trainees hold the future for SM Entertainment?

2013 was a little bit of a confused year for K-pop. After Gangnam Style’s surprise meteoric rise to international success in 2012, it looked like the industry was a little unsure as to how to…

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Gambling in SK: Celebrity scandals and Korean laws

Discussion of illegal gambling in Korea has spread all over the international K-pop scene after the trials of six high profile celebrities were announced. Shinhwa’s Andy, first wave idol group H.O.T’s Tony Ahn, MCs Boom, and Tak Jae Hoon and comedians Lee Soo Geun and…

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Motherly Love: The exploration of womanhood in Reply 1994

The roles of mothers in K-Dramas, particularly in the romance/romantic comedy genre that Reply 1994 vaguely falls into, are usually very limited. Generally they fall into three categories. First is the domineering chaebol mother who cares more about power than her family and is usually determined to break…

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Saturday Playlist – Soundtrack to Studying!

Image above: Junior students praying for their seniors on the day of their exam

The biggest moment in any Korean high school student’s life the College Scholastic Ability Test was held this week. On Thursday workplaces opened later and extra public transport was provided to ensure that students across…

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Saturday Playlist – Girl Power!

Last week South Korea was ranked 111th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report highlighting once again the many difficulties Korean women face in employment, education and in general society. This is a topic we have covered in various ways before including the huge gender discrepancy in…

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New Glasgow-Busan mini film festival launching this week

A new mini film festival which aims to connect Glasgow with Busan is happening in Glasgow this week. The two day festival, which features two evening screenings and a seminar, aims to connect the Scottish city with the home of one of the largest film festivals in Asia.

Taking place…

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