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Paper-dols and how K-pop (and K-pop fans) normalise impossible body ideals

Recently, Dispatch released yet another borderline horrifying article titled “As light as a feather: 9 ‘paper doll’ idols”(part of its ongoing list series “Girl Story” which focus on idols and often, specifically, their diets like this one) about several female idols and their less than 45kg bodies.

One of…

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Do K-pop music show wins matter? Not at all, unless they matter to you.

Another week, another round of promotions; every K-Pop fan knows that every Thursday marks the beginning of the weekly music show circuit. Many fans see music shows as pure entertainment, and a chance to see their favourites perform. However, for some fans music shows are a lot more important…

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How many second chances does Kangin really deserve?

As we all know by now, Super Junior’s Kangin was involved in a DUI in Shinsadong, Gangnam earlier this week. No, it’s not 2009 again – Kangin really has repeated the offence which led to his premature military enlistment in 2009. According to the police report, Kangin’s blood…

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South Korea’s homophobic, homoerotic media culture

This is part of a series of articles exploring LGBT issues in Korea in the run up to Pride 2016.

Another year, another run up to Pride and another set of scaremongering stories about the LGBT community in Korea. According to recent news, the internet is literally making kids gay…

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Eli from U-KISS got married and respectful K-pop consumption

In unexpected news, Eli Kim of UKISS made the announcement on Friday 4th December that he is both married, and has a baby on the way. Obviously, the utmost congratulations go to him and his wife, and hope goes towards a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mother and baby.


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6 Epik High Tracks You May Have Missed

When it comes to the Korean hip-hop scene, there are but a few names that always stand out. If you’re looking for something old-school, you can’t go wrong with some of the hip-hop greats – Epik High.

Epik High have been around on the Korean hip…

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5 K-pop boy groups who debuted in 2014 to look out for

The world of K-pop is a fast-paced ride, which means that every year dozens of new groups debut, leaving us with more and more idols to keep track of. With this constant onslaught of new groups and new people, how do you know which ones to pay attention…

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