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I Love Korean Boys: The Problem of Fetishization

The verb “to fetishize” means to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc.)


*Disclaimer* Despite the title, this is not meant to solely point the finger at girls/women. However, as a female fan of Korean music this is from my point of view and my…

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Korea’s Lost Islands

An interesting fact: If an attempt was made to visit every Korean island, tackling one a day, it would take nearly a decade to tick them off your to do list. This is no joke (there are approximately 365 days in a year, do the maths)! At this moment, there…

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K-pop Fanfiction: The Disturbing Truth

Fanfiction is a term used to describe stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than the original creator. This may be a popular series or manga or even a movie or anime. Fanfiction is by no means a recent occurrence, however a more modern…

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Seollal: Origins and Traditions of Korean Lunar New Year

Seollal  (Lunar New Year), is one of the traditional Korean calendar’s most important holidays, with the autumn harvest festival Chuseok being equally as revered.

Although its origins are unclear, many say the rituals go back as far as the 6th century. It was during ancient Korea’s Three Kingdoms…

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I Am The King Film Review

The period drama I Am the King was part of the line-up for this year’s London Korean Film Festival, having only been released on the 9th of August.  The movie supposedly depicts the three months before Choong-nyeong (future Sejong the Great) becomes king. The history of the…

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