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Discovering Korean perceptions of beauty in Seoul

Whether it is K-pop idols or just normal, everyday K-pop fans, the beauty obsession in South Korea is noticeable when visiting. Throughout my recent trip to Korea I noticed that outward appearance seemed to be a constant preoccupation for women there. From the ones seen sporting high heels…

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Boy Meets Boy: Korean Gay Films in Review

A few years ago, while watching some trailers of Korean films on YouTube, I came across a short film called Boy Meets Boy by the director Kim Jho Gwang-soo. As the title suggests it’s a homosexual short film about a young schoolboy called Min-soo who loves photography…

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Attack The Gas Station Film Review

Attack the Gas Station is a 1999 crime-comedy film directed by Kim Sang-Jin, starring Yoo Ji-tae (Oldboy), Yu Oh-seong (Friend) and Yoo Hae-ji(Moss, Woochi). This film hasn’t been released on DVD in the UK, but I tracked down a copy from America after…

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