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Your Opinion – ‘Fairytales adapted to convince an older audience’

Here at Beyond Hallyu we try to encourage open and interesting discussion on the topics we cover and we love when you get involved and add your own voice. In order to continue this discussion, we are launching a new feature which will highlight the most interesting comments left by…

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Comments of the Week (Week ending 18/11/2012)

It’s come to the end of our very first week at Beyond Hallyu and we want to thank you all for making it such a successful week and for showing us your support! We hope we brought you some interesting topics

This week we’ve covered lots of different…

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Discovering Korean perceptions of beauty in Seoul

Whether it is K-pop idols or just normal, everyday K-pop fans, the beauty obsession in South Korea is noticeable when visiting. Throughout my recent trip to Korea I noticed that outward appearance seemed to be a constant preoccupation for women there. From the ones seen sporting high heels…

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Boy Meets Boy: Korean Gay Films in Review

A few years ago, while watching some trailers of Korean films on YouTube, I came across a short film called Boy Meets Boy by the director Kim Jho Gwang-soo. As the title suggests it’s a homosexual short film about a young schoolboy called Min-soo who loves photography…

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Attack The Gas Station Film Review

Attack the Gas Station is a 1999 crime-comedy film directed by Kim Sang-Jin, starring Yoo Ji-tae (Oldboy), Yu Oh-seong (Friend) and Yoo Hae-ji(Moss, Woochi). This film hasn’t been released on DVD in the UK, but I tracked down a copy from America after…

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